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An unusual ceiling chandelier is the key to creating an extraordinary mood in the interior, emphasizing its originality, sophistication and well-groomed appearance. The mysterious shape of the lighting device gives the owner a desire to surround himself with unique, refined and unusual things. Such forms do not prevent the chandelier from fulfilling its direct purpose – to bring light into the room.
The 4402 series chandelier is unequivocal proof that the use of extraordinary forms can create fabulous beauty for every room. Created with a peculiar metal lampshade, it seems to be the work of an unknown master who has hidden a great secret. The base is placed in three levels. Each level is like a tangled mountain path, winding with a flat metal snake, drawing amazing patterns. A layer of metal chains hangs from each level, creating an unusual outline of the lighting fixture. The graphite-colored chandelier favorably distinguishes the traditionally light ceiling and walls, as if trying to stand out from the surrounding space as sharply as possible. The chandelier will perfectly fit into modern hi-tech or deco interiors.


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