Large crystal chandelier in chrome 50175/12 CR/WT


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80 cm


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E 27


40 W




A large ceiling chandelier for a luxurious interior is usually extremely elegant and stylish. It is created to attract attention, create a mood and emphasize the main direction of the decoration of the room.
The metal base of the chandelier has a classic round shape, thanks to which it will become an exquisite decoration of most classic interiors. The chrome base not only securely holds the crystal chains, but also adds gentle coldness and elegance to the reflections. The upper part of the chandelier is made of crystal chains that flow like a waterfall, expanding to the circle of the base. 2 circles of large ceramic roses are placed around the circle, as if fueled by the emitted light. Each rose is an open delicate flower with a delicate silver contour on the petals. This decoration looks gentle and unusual, significantly expanding the space for arranging this chandelier with other lighting devices, with different colors and interior styles.
Crystal chains beautifully reflect and diffuse light, add shine and sophistication to the room. The hole in the center creates the illusion of free scattering of light from its very hot source throughout the room to illuminate it as much as possible.


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