Hanging chandelier with crystal chrome 4270/600 CR


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Practical and romantic, this chandelier is a good choice for illuminating a hotel room, living room, bedroom or even a child’s room. In addition to bright reliable lighting and durability of the device, an important feature is its size, type of attachment, weight. But when choosing a chandelier, the main criterion is most often its appearance. After all, the main lighting fixture, most often located under the ceiling in the very center of the room, attracts the eye, serves as the greatest decoration and creates a general mood.
The large crystal chandelier has a round base, decorated with a wide flat rim made of chromed metal. Glass tubes act as a lampshade. Triangular smooth tubes are located along the metal chain at different heights. Thanks to this arrangement, the chandelier looks somewhat chaotic, but collected. When turned on, the light from the lamps partially passes through the gaps between the tubes, partially twists in them, disintegrating with the entire spectrum of the rainbow. Silver highlights from the base are complemented by gleaming crystal tubes, like a waterfall of light in which the sun’s rays got lost. In this series you will find chandeliers of both larger and smaller diameters, in chrome and gold.


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