Hanger small green 2812/1p S GN


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Number of blobs



45 см


30 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




Decorating a room is the main desire of every person, because it allows you to turn ordinary walls into a cozy place for work or rest. Lighting devices attract attention and add coziness and their own special charm to every room.
Classic, generally accepted ceiling chandeliers can be supplemented or completely replaced by pendants. Such devices attract attention and add illumination.
A green plastic pendant is a modern and stylish option for lighting the room. Streamlined form adds coziness and comfort. The sphere seems to consist of separate petals that open in two, as if trying to cover the holes in the perfect shape of the lamp. The bright color adds freshness to both the device itself and the entire space around it. A single lamp and a sphere diameter of 30 cm do not give much light. The device will not be able to brightly illuminate the living room, but it will be able to provide a soft comfort to a small space, enhancing the mood of freshness and modernity in it.
Such a ball is ideal for modern interiors with a laconic design, rooms with high ceilings, bright rooms for active recreation. The suspension can be combined with other models of the same series, made in different colors and with different diameters.


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