Pendant small orange 2812/1p S OR


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Number of blobs



45 см


30 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




The formation of room lighting requires special attention both to the color solution and to the stylistic decoration of the room. If large lighting devices are intended for general lighting of the entire room, then small pendants are intended to illuminate a small area and give it a special charm. The bright color of the pendant will add joy, activity and even vitality.
The orange hanger made of plastic is a stylish modern product that will certainly attract attention. The ball consists of plastic bent double petals. In the arrangement of the petals, it is easy to see amazing patterns – whether it is a cluster of double petals, or an extravaganza of flowers, between which the light from a single lamp, hidden inside, seeps through.
Curved petals create a play of light and shadow, diversifying shades of bright orange color. A small diameter will not give much light, and therefore the pendant cannot be used instead of a large ceiling chandelier, but it can be used as additional lighting. The pendant can be combined with similar pendants of other colors, with a larger diameter, creating a real extravaganza of lighting.


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