Glass wall lamp with champagne crystal pendant 4349/1w NC


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Lighting devices are a bright decoration of every interior. They attract attention in the dark time of the day, when they are a source of light, and in the light time, when they do not perform their immediate task. That is why it is important to choose the right lamps – in terms of color, size, functionality and general style of decoration. Small wall sconces will not illuminate a completely large room, but will create a comfortable atmosphere in a small area. And how exactly to use this area with maximum efficiency for yourself is up to you.
An elegant sconce with a base made of white glass will create a cozy atmosphere even in a working office. Embossed patterns on the base add sophistication and beauty to the sconce. The curved horn rises up with an open white flower with a border of transparent glass. The lamp is stylized as an old candle, from which the hot wax flows directly into the flower bowl. The sconce is decorated with large faceted crystal pendants of a mysterious shape. Such a sconce is gentle and luxurious at the same time, it is suitable for a room with cozy soft furniture and for lighting the area above the work table.


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