Floor lamp with swivel shades, black 4523/3F BK


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Original lamps bring unusual bright notes to the room. They make the room unique, beautiful and bright. Floor lamps are used to maintain zoning and partial lighting of the room. And they look like an elegant decoration of a stylish interior, in which every tenant and guest is comfortable and cozy. Floor lamps do not require special equipment or holders, but are simply placed on a free area of ​​the floor.
A stylish elegant floor lamp on a high heavy stand for stones takes up little space and has good durability. The slender base, black, looks stylish and majestic. The slender narrow stand is decorated with three black swivel shades.
The plafonds are made in the form of open straight tubes, ideally suited to modern interiors. With the help of this floor lamp, you can illuminate a fairly large area in the room and even spread the lighting in different directions. It is convenient, practical and very effective. After all, one person can read next to another dozing. And you can also illuminate the work area next to the recreation area and feel comfortable, regardless of the number of inhabitants in the room.


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