Floor lamp with crystal pendant in gold 4292/1F FG


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Number of blobs



matte gold



Blob type

E 14


40 W




Lighting devices are actively used to illuminate the room. They allow you to create certain zones for work or rest in the room, to give them color and stylistic decoration. If the ceiling chandelier should illuminate the entire room as much as possible, then the task of the floor lamp is to create coziness in a small area of ​​the room. Such lighting allows you to leave a part of the room in semi-darkness, create coziness or the opportunity to work productively in the dark.
An elegant floor lamp decorated with gold, spreads a warm golden light around it. A slender golden stand holds an exquisite ceiling formed from crystal pendants. Elongated faceted pendants of a triangular shape seem to shine from within, spreading light around. They are located in circles, one inside the other. Each subsequent circle is lower and narrower than the previous one. As if the golden light is gradually flowing down, thinning out on the way. A golden lampshade is placed on top of the outermost ring, which seems to embrace the upper ring and each individual pendant. This floor lamp will bring sophistication and luxury to the room, and it is also ideal for decorating a room with a ceiling chandelier from the same series.


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