Elongated chandelier “Feathers” made of colored glass L950*250


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Among various lighting devices, the ceiling chandelier is of special importance. The room can be lit without the use of wall, table or floor lamps, but it is rare to do without a central ceiling chandelier. Non-standard solutions attract attention in all areas. The ceiling chandelier is designed to attract attention, so the designer model of the chandelier simply cannot remain unnoticed by true connoisseurs.
The original shape of the chandelier allows you to successfully use it in elongated rooms, rooms with partitions or separate areas. The chandelier on two chain pendants looks majestic and elegant. The rounded elongated base is decorated with layers of oval elongated glass pendants. The pendants have different sizes and colors, thanks to which an amazing chaotic pattern with a unique charm is created. Individual pendants are blue, white and gold. Against the background of the main mass of transparent suspensions, it looks as if a colored beam fluttered in a strong gust of wind, and suddenly froze. Such a composition looks elegant and can be used to illuminate both a home environment and a small, cozy coffee shop.


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