Chandelier “Feathers” multi-tiered large D800


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A ceiling chandelier is a means of lighting a room, decorating it and creating a certain atmosphere in the room. An original decision when decorating a room is the touch that everyone tries to bring to their home. An original designer ceiling chandelier will create exactly the beauty that every connoisseur tries to achieve. Murano glass chandelier is beauty, originality and practicality. The special treatment of the glass creates a majestic play of light, unique beauty of the image and beautiful light reflections.
The classic round shape of the base is decorated with gold and decorated with glass “feathers”. Each feather is an oval elongated pendant made of glass, decorated with a relief pattern. This decoration makes the glass translucent, neat and surprisingly beautiful. The glass pendants are of different sizes, which creates an uneven edge, as if deliberately torn and sloppy. The pendants partially overlap each other, which makes the entire chandelier look like the tail of a magical bird. 4 rows of pendants are arranged in narrowing circles, as if the chandelier is drawn into the middle of the composition. Pendants of different colors are randomly scattered over the lampshade, thanks to which an amazing pattern of the device is created.


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