Crystal wall lamp in gold with honey pendant 50091/1w FG/NC


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Creating the right atmosphere in the room is sometimes quite simple, but here you can’t do without lighting devices. Large and small, ceiling, floor, table – they create the much-needed coziness. Under the light of a small device, you can create a comfortable workplace or a rest area. Wall sconces are special in that they do not require space on a useful surface and are installed stationary – most often above a chair, bed or near the entrance.
Wall lamp 50091 is created in the exquisite style of ancient castles, as if it brings the coziness and grandeur of antiquity and luxury into the modern, hectic era. The honey-gold metal base is curved with whimsical patterns and holds up an imitation candle – a lamp. Round faceted crystal pendants are suspended from rough metal chains under the base. Thanks to the faceting, the crystal balls not only reflect the light of the lamp, but also shine like real lights, scattering warm golden reflections around them. Such a sconce will decorate every room, make it unique and cozy.


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