Crystal wall lamp in gold 50121/1w FG/NC


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Additional room lighting is optional, but highly desirable. After all, a person does not need to fully illuminate the entire room in order to extend the daylight hours, only the working area is enough. Most often, wall sconces are used above a bed, chair or desk, less often – in a long winding corridor or in front of the entrance to a large room.
The bright wall sconce 50121 has a metallic bright golden shiny base, decorated with numerous swirls. Such openwork turns an ordinary lighting device into a sophisticated work of art. The base raises a lamp in front of it, stylized as an old candle. The sconce seems to transport us to the ancient world of castles, knights and feelings, where there is no place for silly things, but only charm and sincerity. Large crystal pendants on crystal chains are placed on the base. Each lens has faceting, thanks to which it becomes an additional source of light, filled with rays and scattering colored reflections around. Each crystal glows with reflected light, thanks to which the sconce looks like a fairy tale, creating a unique coziness in every room.


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