Crystal chandelier on cables chrome 4767/D900 CR


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An unusual ceiling chandelier is one of the owner’s ways of self-expression. Bright and unusual models can be made of different materials, but it is crystal that is considered traditionally grandiose and majestic. Crystal compositions are reliable and durable, they do not fade from sunlight and long-term use, they look bright and majestic. A crystal ceiling chandelier creates special requirements for decorating the room itself.
A large round base on pendants serves as a base for mounting a large number of small crystal elements. Each element has individual fastening. Thanks to the transparency of the elements, these mounts not only hold, but also decorate the crystal details. The crystal squares are arranged with an offset, and the alternation of light and dark elements creates a unique pattern of an improvised lampshade. Each element is convex outwards and has the correct faceting structure, thanks to which an amazing play of light is created on the surface of the chandelier, which seems to break up into light and dark tones and plays with different colors. The diameter of 90 cm allows the chandelier to illuminate even a sufficiently large room. It can be complemented by a wall lamp from the same series.


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