Crystal chandelier on cables chrome 4767/D500 CR


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An elegant crystal chandelier is a sign of luxury in the room and the owner’s good taste in valuables. Crystal chandeliers have always been considered beautiful, elegant and durable. Not only wealthy people, but self-confident people could afford to choose a crystal chandelier for their interior. The general decoration of such a room should also correspond to the style and size of the main lighting device. A diameter of 50 cm allows you to illuminate a sufficiently large room. The open form allows maximum light. The chrome-plated metal base is attached to hangers. A large number of transparent crystal elements are attached to the base. The elements are placed obliquely in four rows. Each element is attached to the base with a separate fastener. Since they are transparent, this attachment is clearly visible and looks like an additional decoration. Each crystal element has a square base and a convex top. The convexity is faceted with symmetrical shapes. It is as if a set of diamonds with a large number of facets guard the light emanating from within. The alternation of light and dark elements gives an extraordinary appearance, emphasizes the sophistication of the interior and the good taste of the owner.


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