Crystal chandelier in graphite color 4368/6+1 Chrome+Smoky


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A luxurious chandelier is not surprising. Finding a beautiful, modern, individual or whimsical chandelier is not a difficult task. Various models are created by various manufacturers and meet the most diverse requirements of users. A special category in this variety is occupied by chandeliers decorated in antique style. Curved shapes, many decorations and pendants, stylization of lamps and crystal are integral elements of such stylization.

A majestic and luxurious chandelier with curved lamp holders, like a fragile flower that has opened, spread its tendrils and blossomed itself with numerous heavy fruits. The metal bent base is decorated with chrome and filled with glass, as if covered with an ice coating. Lamps imitating candles seem to complement the overall antique look of the chandelier. Under the base are transparent crystal chains ending in large convex faceted drops. It’s like the light that managed to escape from the ice prison flows down and freezes on the last step to freedom. Such a design glows with numerous reflections and creates an atmosphere of sophistication, tenderness, and a certain fabulousness in the hall or living room. To maintain style and lighting in the interior, it will be convenient to use a wall sconce from the same series.


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