Large classic crystal chandelier 4369/12+6+1 FG/CL


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80 cm


90 cm





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E 14


40 W




A classic ceiling chandelier is a great way not only to illuminate the room, but also to decorate it. The choice of an amazing, complex and whimsical shape is made by people inclined to beauty and unusual solutions. A classic choice for a luxurious interior is a large crystal chandelier. Crystal looks elegant, delicate and elegant, is not afraid of sunlight, does not tarnish and does not deform. Also, crystal products do not require special care.
A large crystal chandelier has a diameter of 90 cm and is able to illuminate a fairly large area. The metal base is decorated with gold. The curved golden holders are encased in clear glass, like an ice-bound hot golden glow radiating from the center. The lamps are stylized as old candles mounted on golden rods. A transparent crystal stand is placed under each rod, as if for collecting wax. The entire base is wrapped in transparent glass, thanks to which its shine and brightness are significantly increased. A large number of crystal pendants are placed under the base on crystal chains. Huge faceted drops of crystal add sophistication and beauty, create a huge amount of reflections on the edges. The chandelier can be supplemented with a delicate wall sconce 4368.


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