Clear glass chandelier with graphite pendant 3706/8+4 PB


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An original chandelier is a guarantee of a good mood and a special charm that will prevail in the room. Such chandeliers are chosen by strong, special and brave people. After all, for such a lighting device, you need to choose other accessories, create an appropriate atmosphere, zoning, color decoration.

The 3706 series chandelier is a combination of vintage charm with modern sophisticated charm. The combination of transparent, almost invisible glass with shiny black elements creates that unique play of light and form that remains in the memory of every visitor of the room for a long time. Curved glass arches raise up black saucers, as if they were already full of melted black wax flowing from stylized black lamps-candles. Placing the lamps in two tiers gives the chandelier originality and delicacy. On each arc is a black convex faceted pendant, on the edges of which rays of reflected light sparkle. A large amount of glass in the chandelier gives it originality and sophistication. In daylight, the chandelier looks almost invisible, sparkling brightly in the reflected rays of artificial lighting. A Murano-style chandelier will advantageously emphasize light and dark areas in the room, emphasize unique style and sophistication.


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