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An elegant and slender ceiling chandelier can add elegant tenderness and uniqueness to the interior of the room. The chandelier consists of transparent glass elements without color and black glass and metal elements. An elegant and neat shape, almost austere, favorably shades the dark and light areas of the interior and individual elements. Transparent glass arcs support black half-opened flowers, in which black lamps stylized as candles flutter in the hearts. The central part of the base and pendants are graphite black, with a luxurious unique shine. Convex hangers have two-sided bevelling, thanks to which they look very elegant and luxurious. In daylight, the glass part of the chandelier is almost imperceptible, and the black plays favorably on the contrast. When artificial lighting is turned on, the chandelier plays with different colors and flaunts an exquisite style. Chandelier 3706 is a combination of classic bulkiness and stylish brevity, so it perfectly fits into the interiors of ancient and modern decoration, advantageously emphasizing the features of the room. You can successfully match such a chandelier with both light and dark wall or floor lamps with glass shades in white or black, matte or shiny colors.


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