Chandelier over the table rectangular chrome 4530/L80 CR


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60 cm


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E 14


40 W




An unusual ceiling chandelier is a means of decorating a room and creating the necessary atmosphere in it. Depending on what type of activity is planned in this room, the type of lighting devices is chosen. The shape and technical characteristics correspond rather to the size and shape of the room, its zoning. And only the choice of appearance depends most on the general style of the room and its decoration. The unconventional shape of the chandelier draws attention to it and favorably emphasizes the architectural features of the room.
A rectangular elongated chandelier is perfect for an elongated rectangular or zoned room, for the space above a work or dining table, in a small restaurant or cafe. The silver metal base is decorated with thick glass inserts. Each insert is convex on the outside and has a facet, due to which the amount of glare and the area of ​​illumination are significantly increased. A bulb chandelier on two suspended chains seems to carry a silver shine from an unknown laboratory directly into the room. Lamps under thick layers of glass are stylized as silver candles, which enhances the effect of silver glitter around the entire perimeter of the chandelier. Crystal transparent wall sconces from different collections will be advantageous for this chandelier.


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