Chandelier-bulb elongated 4530/L800*300 GD


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An original chandelier of an unusual shape can create the mood in the room that is needed right here. Depending on the processes that should take place in the room, the style, type, and appearance of the ceiling lighting device and other devices placed on the wall, floor, and horizontal surfaces are selected. Murano style chandeliers occupy a special category. This is reliable rough glass, which is processed according to a special technology. It does not fade under the influence of sunlight or artificial light, or with the passage of time. This is a reliable glass that creates clean, bright reflections and does not require special care.
The unusual shape of the base allows you to focus additional attention on the ceiling chandelier. At the same time, the space under it is highlighted. Especially if it is actively used. Chandeliers with an elongated shape of the base are most often used above a workplace or a table for gatherings or dinners. The ceiling chandelier 4530 is decorated with gold accents and has thick glass walls. Each glass element has a convex shape and external faceting. The lamps are stylized as golden candles, they seem to be hidden each in a separate ceiling, from where they scatter a golden glow, enhanced by the edges of the sides.


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