Chandelier “Mini cascade” with 3 pendants in gold


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Lighting devices are vital in every room. It is difficult to imagine a full-fledged human life in premises without artificial lighting. Ceiling chandeliers are most often the main source of light. Their size is determined by the area of the room and the activities planned in that room. Small chandeliers can be used in rooms of a small area, or with additional lighting devices.
A small mini cascade chandelier has a flat round base. The chandelier is decorated in gold, thanks to which it adds yellow-gold reflections and exquisite luxury to the room. Three translucent acrylic cylinders with gold tips are placed at different heights. Thanks to this placement, the lighting area increases and a gentle romantic mood is created. The acrylic cylinder contains numerous bubbles that glow from the inside. The soft light from this chandelier will look good in a children’s room, on the stairs, in the living room. For connoisseurs of softness and modernity, the manufacturer has included large and small models and suspensions in the series. Also, the model combines well with crystal and acrylic lighting devices.


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