Chandelier LED with shades small 4594/6


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Number of blobs



40 см





Blob type



72 W




Decorative room lighting plays an important role in decorating official and work spaces, home interiors, and other homes. Choosing the right composition to create the perfect lighting can be quite a difficult task. Solving this issue often begins with the selection of a central chandelier. The main point of lighting attracts attention and creates a general mood in the room, it is very difficult to choose it correctly.
The multi-level Led chandelier with separate shades has a height of 40 cm and 2 colors of the base, thanks to which it fits perfectly into both light and dark interiors. Different colors of the base seem to separate one level from another, additionally distributing the light in the room. 6 separate shades, each of which hides a separate lamp, provide 6 separate light sources, which significantly increases the lighting area. This structure allows you to successfully combine the chandelier with modern acrylic sconces or table lamps. The chandelier of the 4594 series seems to have been specially created for lighting modern two-color interiors from the separation of light and dark zones. If this beauty is too small to illuminate a large room, this series provides medium and large chandeliers with more shades.


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