Chandelier LED with butterflies 4753/D1


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A bright, attractive chandelier creates a general mood in the room, not only illuminates, but also decorates it. As the main source of light, the chandelier attracts the first glance and outlines the main trends in room decoration. A big circle is an ideal shape, it calms and supports the mood, creates a pleasant atmosphere for work and rest. This model is perfectly suitable both for a spacious official room and for a small cozy living room.
Three stylish acrylic butterflies add elegance, playfulness and uniqueness to the chandelier. Light and transparent, they seem to hold a golden circle of light over the entire room with their fragile wings. The base of the chandelier is also decorated with circles of light, which creates a whole cascade of light for optimal illumination. The golden base makes the model more warm and luxurious.

The LED chandelier is cost-effective, and it also has different lighting modes. This allows you to additionally regulate electricity consumption and create the desired mood. A loft-style chandelier will create coziness in your home and add additional notes of modernity to it. This model will be perfectly combined compositionally both with point diodes and with wall lamps with light acrylic shades.


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