Chandelier “Cascade” gold 4155/18 GD


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Number of blobs



300 cm


matte gold



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72 W




A large chandelier in the form of a Poman chandelier is a luxurious lighting accessory. Vіn appointments for high beds and grandiose interiors, two-surface living houses, theaters, museums and other official places. The chandelier creates a great haze of the lower sky, which illuminates the surroundings, but does not blind the eyes. Podbіnі illuminating devices serve not only as a special illumination, but also as a luxurious embellishment to the interior, nіbi pіdkreslyuyuchi razmіrі primіschennya that znachushchі podіy, scho vіdbuvayutsya in the new.

The chandelier is made up of 18 Led luminaires, which are cascaded. I want leather pіdvіs okremo vykonany in the loft style, the chandelier itself is tsіlkovito pіdіyde і for more luxurious and sporty styles. Different equal roztashuvannya podvіs create the effect of a constant movement of the elements. The metal bases of matt gilding make the chandelier more luxurious and brighter. The lower part of the skin lining is prepared with a gap in acrylic, which evenly spreads light into the interior diodes. The composition under the chandelier looks like a sum of matte gold with a dotted light, which is why it goes like a light, so to a dark decoration of the place. The chandelier is designed to ignite the turmoil of the most gloomy and empty interior.


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