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Suspenders – modern stylized covers of classical bulky chandeliers. However, the stench has significantly changed, they have become bigger vishukanim and compact. Narazі pіdvіsi serve not stіlki dzherelom svіtl, but sіlki ozdobrennyam іnter’єru, adding to it a unique vyshukanіnіst. To this very reason, floorings are popular in interior decoration for catalogues, romantic rooms, romantic caves and quiet restaurants. Led pіdvіs – the cost of saving electricity and environmental friendliness, which allows this type of lighting to win new positions.
Ohaynyy stylish round old black color undercoat does not turn up to itself look, flooding the middle of respect illuminated the lot under the underside itself. The metal matte black case embellishes the interior of the loft style, creating a special calm atmosphere. The dullness of the slope of the lower part gives a soft pink light, which evenly rises across the large surface of the slope. Suspend the vicorist like an independent fixture of lighting over the working place, the table for the repair. Also, the pendants can be arranged in groups of pieces, or in combination with models of similar decoration for the creation of composite lighting.


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