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The lighting of the premises is carried out by large and small devices. They can have a permanent place or be portable, belong to different eras and currents. In order to feel comfortable at different times of the day, people install lighting devices above workplaces or places of rest. Wall-mounted lighting devices take up little space, but create a fairly large illuminated area above a chair, bed or table.
Elegant wall sconce 50307 is made of metal and painted black. Delicate and stylish, it will harmoniously fit into interiors of various styles and directions. One curved corner lifts up a lamp stylized as a candle. A thin bent curl is located under the horn, which seems to support the entire structure. Under the candle, a saucer with high sides seems ready to receive hot wax. A neat, stylish sconce looks elegant in daylight and is almost invisible in the dark, until the very moment it is turned on.


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