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A person is constantly engaged in decorating his room. It can be both creating beauty and order in it, and functional decoration. What is needed is not just a good appearance, but convenience, adaptation of certain corners of the home to certain rituals, permanent occupations. Small wall sconces are one of the integral elements of every modern home. They don’t take up a lot of space and can’t be affected by most everyday movements. Such devices shine from above, allowing to use the illuminated surface as conveniently as possible. It can be both long narrow passages, where a large ceiling chandelier simply cannot cope, and nooks and crannies. Also, sconces are often used as a substitute for a nightstand, because under their light it is convenient to read or flip through the news before going to bed. So another classic place to use a sconce is above the bed or your favorite chair.
The laconic sconce in a light beige color looks gentle and fresh. It seems to gently lift up a single lamp, stylized as an old candle. Gentle toning under the patina makes it look like an antique appliance, and imitation wax dripping adds warmth and coziness.


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