Sconce crystal swivel in chrome 42601/2w CR


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Original lighting devices are an easy way to add a unique touch to the interior. Few rooms can do without one ceiling chandelier, because for a comfortable stay of a person, it is often necessary to additionally illuminate darkened corners of the premises. Under the light of the wall sconce, it is convenient to sit with a book or handicrafts, alone or with friends.
The wall sconce 42601 is finished in chrome, thanks to which it looks gentle and cool, it is well arranged with modern decorative elements, metal details and appliances. The ability to turn the lamps on the base allows you to create a lighted area exactly where it is needed now. 2 lamps are attached to a large round metal base. Each of them is wrapped in metal curls, ending with transparent crystal decorations. Each crystal, like a treasure just extracted from the rock, has a stylish, refined shape and elongated faces, which ensure a harmonious dispersion of light throughout the room. Such a sconce looks gentle and elegant, it is beautifully combined with both crystal and metal lighting devices.


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