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Crystal lighting devices are an aesthetic and majestic decoration of the interior. Devices made of various materials are used to illuminate the room, but crystal itself is considered one of the most demanding materials. Crystal lighting fixtures are traditional, elegant and luxurious, perfect for both modern and retro interiors. A sconce is a means of increasing the lighting in the room. Where the power of a ceiling chandelier is not enough, above the work table and your favorite chair, in a long dark corridor, or as a night light. Such a small device makes the atmosphere of the entire room more comfortable, regardless of its area. And how convenient it is to have spot lighting above your favorite place of work or rest. And a crystal sconce can advantageously shade the elegance of the room.
Sconce 4766 has the shape of a semicircle and is decorated with gold. A series of flat crystal elements mounted on a rounded base acts as a crystal lampshade. Elongated flat elements have pendants in the form of small drops. Each crystal element contains a large number of facets, due to which the light does not just come from one point, but spreads throughout the structure.


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