Wall lamp in bronze gold and honey shade 4474/1w CAB/NC


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Additional information

Number of blobs



74 cm


10 cm

Removal from the wall

20 см





Blob type

E 27


40 W




A small device can decorate a room with its presence alone. Wall sconces are not designed to receive a large amount of light, but they have the amazing property of making the room more concise, neat and practical. Sconces can be used with equal effectiveness both to decorate long corridors or reception rooms of official institutions, and to create coziness in a small bedroom. Under such sconces, it is so wonderful to do your favorite thing after a hectic working day. How many books can be read under the warm glow of this amazing device.
A tall, thin ceiling made of warm yellowish transparent glass seems to spread warm, radiant air around it. A golden metallic base completes the warm look. As if woven from pure transparent honey, the wall lamp adds warmth to the room, illuminating its small area. The height of the sconce is as much as 74 cm, which simply will not allow it to get lost in the interior. As if a thin straight stroke, the sconce emphasizes every straight line in the modern decoration of the room. The glass ceiling is durable and reliable, does not require special care, does not change its appearance under the influence of sunlight.


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