Table lamp with cap 586/1T L


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People are used to lighting their rooms in order to continue active life even in the dark. Table lamps became one of the constantly used means of lighting the room. They are widely used in both working and residential premises. A table lamp is a concise, convenient lighting device that can be easily moved from place to place and does not require special care or special installation. When choosing a table lamp for the home, special attention is paid to its appearance, because it is the device that will decorate quiet family evenings. The best ideas for family vacations or friendly meetings are born under the light of a table lamp. The exquisite table lamp from the 586 series from the manufacturer Rainbow is a vivid example of the combination of classic forms with modern materials. The round flat base reflects and reflects the light falling from the open ceiling. A large white ceiling is based on a straight metal stand, which seems to have been broken into small pieces and assembled from them again. Every tiny particle lets the light through, and the whole ceiling is like a painting with small glimmers.


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