Table lamp golden 008/2T COL/RD


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Number of blobs



45 см


25 cm





Blob type

E 27


40 W




It is human nature to want to do a lot of work, plan a lot of tasks and not have time to complete everything planned. To improve the situation, a person tries to extend the daylight hours as much as possible. This is done thanks to lighting devices. If some work requires the lighting of the entire room, then most of the work can be performed with partial lighting. Such lighting is provided by small lighting devices – wall, floor or spot. But most often zonal lighting is created using a table lamp. These are small devices that are easily carried to the right place, do not require special installation and can give a small area in the room its own style. A lamp is an elegant and unique touch that can decorate any home. The table lamp of the 008 series is made as if from a large number of transparent glass elements held together with gold glue. Along the edge of the lampshade and the base, there are strips of stone squares that create clear visual edges on the shiny surface of the lamp. This work is ideal for the most luxurious interiors, complementing them with its beauty.


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