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A variety of devices and appliances are used to illuminate the room – these are spotlights, wall sconces, floor lamps, and of course, table lamps. The peculiarity of table lamps is their easy and convenient transfer from one place to another and their compactness. Small table lamps are used in work and living spaces, in recreation areas, and simply for convenience. They are able to illuminate a small area around them, but they are not able to illuminate the entire room. In many cases, this is quite enough. The unusual lamp 2239 will attract attention with its originality. Its base seems to be made of natural wood. Instead of a lamp stand, there is a metal, as if woven, flower pot, from which a real flower grows with leaves and an amazing stem. A large white flower made of frosted glass acts as a lamp shade. Open, it directs the light beam to a relatively small area under the base. This form will appeal to all natural lovers and will fit perfectly into an interior with natural ornaments or natural flowers. Even without turning it on, it is able to decorate the interior and remain in the memory of every visitor for a long time.


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