Sconce with shades double, in a chrome body 7048/2w N


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chrome wenge



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G 9


40 W




The unique beauty and sophistication of lighting devices leads to the fact that their popularity does not decrease for many decades. And although small appliances are often not absolutely necessary, they make the room more comfortable and well-kept. Small trinkets create a general mood, add exceptional charm to every room, regardless of its purpose and area.
The sophisticated double spot sconce can be used as a double lamp above a bed, a desk, in a corridor or in a public place. The wenge-colored wooden base has the shape of a pointed leaf. Shades are attached to metal elements attached to the base. The elements sparkle with a chrome surface, making the sconce brighter and more elegant. Open shades give a lot of light. Made of a thick layer of glass, they are transparent on the outside and frosted on the inside. Thanks to this structure, the light does not blind the eyes and is maximally amplified, while being diffused by the outer transparent layer. Such a sconce is an exquisite representative of modernity – a combination of natural materials, metal and amazing extraordinary forms.


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