Sconce with 2 arms in chrome 1121/2w CR


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Lighting devices decorate every room, because a person does not have enough daylight to carry out all the planned tasks. If the main lighting device must be installed in each room, then small additional lighting points are not necessary. Despite this, they remain popular and widely used. Wall sconces can be safely called an irreplaceable attribute of every bedroom, they look good above the work table or even in a cozy coffee shop.
The stylish wall sconce 1121 is like a soft mixture of cold and heat, which will easily fit into warm and cool interiors. The silver metal base is made of thin careful lines and light curves. It is decorated with fragile crystal chains ending in large faceted drops. Lamps stylized as candles seem to scatter warm light around, despite the coldness of the base. As if maintaining its warmth, a golden membrane with exquisite decoration and sinuous forms of the edge is placed in the center of the structure.


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