Sconce for candles with pearl pendant in chrome 1051/2w


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Small lighting devices are not just a means of lighting a room. They are designed to create comfort in every room or its separate corner. Near a wall or in a far corner, above a chair or a table, a wall sconce creates an illuminated spot for work or relaxation. Such devices do not go out of fashion due to their convenience and brevity.
Sconce 1051 – like a fabulous openwork flower, sprinkled with pearls like seeds. Exquisite metal horns are made in the form of thin metal curls that wrap around the majestic crystal bowl of the base on all sides. On the corners are raised lamps, stylized as white antique candles. White glass saucers with high raised sides seem to collect melted wax and hang it with neat balls in chains to decorate the already amazing shape of the base. White and milky, shiny and matte glass pearls are placed in delicate chains on the base and create a fairy-tale mood in any room. The combination of glass and metal makes it easy to combine the device with other lighting devices created in different styles and from different materials.


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