Crystal chandelier in bronze gold 80 cm


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Additional information

Number of blobs



40 см


80 cm


bronze gold



Blob type

E 14


40 W




A large ceiling chandelier is able to bring that unforgettable charm to the atmosphere, which remains in the memory of every visitor for a long time, forcing him to remember the general atmosphere of the room, its events, color and lighting solution for a long time. Ceiling lighting devices are chosen as a combination of lighting, decoration and style.

The large metal circle on the chain is decorated with bronze, thanks to which all the reflections of the chandelier have a soft yellowish color – cozy and warm. An improvised lampshade is created from concentric circles of crystal. A large number of crystal pendants are placed in rows on the base. Each element has a rectangular elongated shape. The outer part has a convex bend, due to which the radius of light scattering increases. Layer by layer, the light scatters from one crystal pendant to another, breaking up into a large number of bright rays. It is as if the sun itself scatters bundles of warm light around itself. The whole structure looks like an upside-down aster that has opened its petals, but is trying to keep its core a secret. Such a chandelier is able to decorate a living room, work environment or a place of rest with its appearance.


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