LED sconce with directional light, rectangular, black


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Elegant and modern LED sconce in black is the ideal solution for those who value functionality and style. The rectangular design of the lamp brings a touch of minimalism and modernity to the interior. The sconce is equipped with two light sources: directional and contour diffused, which allows you to create a variety of lighting effects and atmosphere.


Type: LED sconce
Shape: Rectangular
Black color
Power: 10W
Number of light sources: 2 (directional and contour diffused)
Switches: Separate for each light source

Two light sources: The directional light provides spot lighting, ideal for reading or working, while the contour light creates soft and pleasant general illumination.
Separate Switches: Each light source has its own switch, allowing you to adjust the lighting to suit your needs.
Modern Design: The rectangular shape and black color make the sconce stylish and versatile, suitable for various interiors.
Energy Efficient: LED bulbs provide bright illumination with low power consumption, saving energy and reducing operating costs.
The Perfect Solution for Your Space: The LED spotlight sconce is ideal for use in the bedroom, living room, office or any other room that requires additional lighting. Its modern design and functionality make it an excellent choice for creating a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

Add elegance and functionality to your interior with this modern LED sconce in black!


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