LED lamp Feron LB-61 4W E27 2700K


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The LED lamp Feron LB-61 – is a daily replacement of lamps for heating the “bag” type with an E-27 socle. Linear LEDs of the COG type (Chip-On-Glass) are installed in the lamp. Designed for designing interiors of cafes and restaurants, hotel halls and other design spaces. In addition, the lamp can serve as a replacement for a standard lamp with a heat output of up to 60W. Burning light threads create a beautiful decorative effect, with which the space brightly visibly hangs. The lamp is ideal for replacing a standard incandescent lamp in crystal chandeliers.
– saving up to 90% of electricity on a par with incandescent lamps
– even higher light output
-mitteve inclusion
– rozs_yuvannya svіtla 300 degrees
-LEDs imitate incandescent thread
-high quality of components and assembly
– the long term of the service of light (up to 30,000 years)


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