Large LED chandelier “Envelopes” for 16 lights, in gold


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Add elegance and modernity to your interior with the large Envelopes LED chandelier. This luxurious 16-light chandelier features a stylish gold color and will be the centerpiece of any room.

Product characteristics:

Number of lamps: 16
Color is gold
Top disc diameter: 80 cm
Chandelier height: 3 meters
This chandelier is ideal for high ceilings, adding a sense of spaciousness and sophistication. LED lamps provide bright and economical lighting, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. The “Envelope” design gives a unique and modern look that will attract attention and become the subject of discussion.


Energy Efficient: LEDs use less electricity, reducing lighting costs.
Durability: LED lamps have a long service life.
Aesthetics: The modern design and gold plating add luxury and style to the chandelier.
Versatility: Suitable for a variety of interiors, from classic to modern.
This “Envelopes” chandelier will be an ideal choice for a living room, hall, restaurant or any other room where it is important to emphasize style and elegance. Make your interior unique with our stunning LED chandelier.

You can buy a large LED chandelier “Envelopes” for 16 lamps in gold right now! Don’t miss the chance to add sparkle and luxury to your home or office.

Order your chandelier today and enjoy the quality and beauty it will bring to your interior!


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