Glass pendant with bubbles in gold 30 cm


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for the bedroom, children's room, for the corridor


Lighting is turning it from an ordinary stone rectangle into a cozy room for a comfortable stay. A person needs to create conditions for work and rest, bright lighting for intense activities and soft for calming the nervous system. The modern style and brightness of the 9188 series make it easy to fit such lighting devices into every modern interior.

A small, stylish pendant with a metallic gold finish creates a small cloud of diffused light. The pendant does not provide bright lighting, but it can easily replace the usual night lamp. The elongated cylinder looks stylish and gentle, glows over the entire surface, thanks to which it becomes not only a source of light, but also a bright decoration of the room. Numerous bubbles are scattered over the acrylic cylinder, which additionally refracts the light. It gives the impression that the bubbles themselves glow from within the acrylic. Like lights floating in diffused light. Such a pendant can be arranged both with large acrylic chandeliers and with translucent or transparent glass models. The manufacturer also created cascade chandeliers from similar suspensions.

A bright, transparent, golden pendant with bubbles is made in a modern style. It has the shape of a tube, smoothly distributes light in the room. Well suited for a bedroom, children’s room, corridor. Thanks to the glass tube, the light is directed and soft. Fits well next to the mirror in the bathroom or living room. Perfectly combined with modern crystal chandeliers.

The pendant has a built-in LED lamp with a power of 5W.


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