Round chandelier BUBBLE in black with 15 lights D85 cm


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85 cm


50 см

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G 9




A large chandelier is the foundation for lighting any room. It is designed to illuminate the space, add charm, and set a unique, vibrant mood.

The unusual chandelier from the 5034 series features a light, translucent design, as if crafted from the air itself, solidified by light. The pendants have a round, flat, black metal base, creating the illusion that the chandelier floats above the workspace or relaxation area. Clear glass lampshades are unevenly arranged around the circle, with transparent, shiny balls, each containing a single bulb, placed at different levels and angles. This significantly increases the lighting area and creates a harmonious, extraordinary pattern. The different diameters of the balls and the uneven arrangement of the lampshades contribute to a remarkable harmony of intentional asymmetry.

The chandelier appears weightless, with its shades almost invisible in daylight and its base blending into the dark. The large structure, 85 cm in diameter and holding 15 bulbs, seems to float in the air, constantly changing its shape. This chandelier pairs well with wall and table lamps featuring transparent or frosted glass shades.


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