Honey glass chandelier with 6 lights


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A ceiling chandelier is an indispensable attribute of every room. Most often, it is located in the center, so it attracts a lot of attention. A beautiful ceiling chandelier is the basis of building both a system of artificial lighting of the room and its stylistic decoration. An antique chandelier is a way to express your love for sophistication and coziness.

The 4024 series ceiling chandelier is made of smooth, sophisticated glass in the Murano style. Transparent glass has a soft honey shade, which makes it warm, as if filled with gentle light from the inside. An ideal surface gives even numerical spots of reflected light, filling the room with yellowish warm rays. The chandelier looks like a flower that was plucked and immersed in heated glass to preserve its beauty and naturalness. Pendants and decorations on the base are made in the form of leaves, which makes the structure of the flower seem confused – it is not clear whether the branches of this magical plant are growing up or down. Flexible stems rise up, bearing half-opened glass flowers. In the center of each flower is a lamp stylized as a silver candle, whose hot wax the flower tries to catch with its petals. The transparent honey-silver beauty of the lamp will be a wonderful decoration of the interior.


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