Floor lamp with lampshade black 4525/1F BK


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Room lighting is a means of prolonging the daylight hours, reducing eye strain, and creating a comfortable environment for every member of the family. A floor lamp is a unique means of partially lighting a room. This creates a relatively small illuminated spot in the total area of ​​the room. You can rest and work, correspond with friends or upload photos for the day, drink hot or cooling drinks, read your favorite book or knit a gift for a loved one. Amazing ideas and extraordinary projects are born in a cozy soft chair under the light of a floor lamp.
A neat black floor lamp on a thin curved stand will vividly emphasize every dark spot in the room, while trying to be inconspicuous. The curved rack seems to try to hug the floor-lit place together with the person in order to create the most cozy atmosphere. A large round open ceiling gives enough light down and a soft diffused horizon to the side, thanks to which even very painstaking work can be done under the floor lamp. The textile lampshade is perfectly combined with upholstered furniture, creating a place for comfortable rest for every member of the family.


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