Designer chandelier made of colored glass “Feathers” D600


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Different ways and methods are used to create a unique atmosphere in the room. One of the first steps is choosing an extraordinary ceiling chandelier. This is a means of making the room unique, decorating it with your own mood and special vision of the world. The original design of the chandelier can become the basis for a romantic, stylish, modern or youthful interior. The round metal base on the pendants is decorated with gold and decorated with a layer of glass pendants. Each pendant is attached individually and has a rounded elongated shape, like a real feather. They are located in the same way, partially one under the other. The relief pattern located on the glass elements makes them translucent, as if matte, and very interesting from the outside. The different size of the elements creates an amazing game of imagination, as if glass feathers are moving and cannot line up in equal rows. It creates the illusion of elegant chaos, constant movement and lightness. The color solution makes the chandelier fresh and elegant and allows you to easily fit it into light interiors in warm and cool tones. Blue elements gently combine with matte white and transparent, which creates an original play of light.


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