Crystal wall lamp in gold 1918/2w FG/WT


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It is difficult for a person to have time to complete everything planned during the daylight hours, and it is difficult to achieve complete lighting of the entire room. That is why partial lighting of premises is so popular. Wall sconces, as one of the options for partial lighting of premises, are an indispensable attribute of every room where a person wants to relax after a hard day.
A crystal sconce is a sign of sophistication and luxury. Sconce 1918 has a golden metal base. It is as if red-hot gold spurts out from the center of the sconce in a fountain to scatter bright yellow sparkles around the room. And as if suddenly stopping, the golden jets fall down in crystal chains. Three rows of chains are placed at different heights, thanks to which the sconce looks like a waterfall of large transparent waves. Each chain ends with a large transparent faceted ball that sparkles with multi-colored highlights. Such a sconce is perfectly combined with multi-colored crystal chandeliers in gold decoration, luxurious interiors with a lot of soft furniture.


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