Crystal wall lamp in chrome 50134/1w CR/SM


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In quiet moments free from work, a person finds something to do in his favorite chair, bed or at a small table. It can be housework, daily worries or a romantic dinner. A stylish wall sconce is a means of illuminating a small area of ​​the room. And also – it is an amazing device that attracts attention, pleases the eye, emphasizes the peculiarities of the decoration of the room and creates an unforgettable atmosphere in it.
A stylish sconce with a metal base is decorated in dark chrome, like a black pearl emerging from the night to illuminate human life. A striking curved base holds up a lamp styled after a vintage candle. It’s like a metal flower, on which a bright light ripens instead of a fruit. The base is decorated with metal chains and large convex faceted pendants. Hanging balls add refinement and elegance, reflect a lot of light and spread whole bundles of small rays around the room. The crystal sconce in shiny black color is very picky about the environment, but in the right environment it will play with incredible shades of well-groomed and style.


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