Crystal chandelier in a black case, large 4273/D1000 BK


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Number of blobs


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E 14






100 cm


45 см




Even ordinary lamps can be real works of art. The shocking, complex design of the chandelier clearly demonstrates to us that great craftsmen worked on its creation. A chandelier will easily decorate any house and complement the interior, no matter in what style it is created.

Today, ceiling chandeliers are suitable not only for classic interiors and are used even in modern styles. Manufacturers offer a variety of designer options that lift the mood. This is exactly what the lamp of the 4273 series from the manufacturer Poman is.

The chandelier has a black body and is decorated with rectangular crystal pendants. The shape of the product resembles an original peculiar wheel. Two inner and outer circles are connected by metal elements. The perimeter of these circles is covered from the outside and in the middle with crystal inserts, transparent as a tear. This modern and stylish chandelier is designed for quality lighting. It has a reliable fastening. On cables, this circle of light is suspended from a disc of black metal, which in turn is suspended from the ceiling on a decorated and hidden chain.

In the 4273 series there are also models of smaller size and made in black color.


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