Chandelier with shades bronze 4305/4 AB


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The decoration of the room requires special attention, because certain events must regularly take place in it. A person perceives the environment very emotionally, that is why he creates a certain space around him, decorated in pleasant colors and shapes. One of the key elements of room design is lighting devices. They attract attention, are placed in the center of the room or its zones, provide special convenience during work and rest.
The chandelier largely determines the appearance of the entire room, its style and color solution. The stylish chandelier 4305 from the manufacturer Poman has an unusual shape, which is why it is guaranteed to attract the attention of visitors. 4 individual transparent glass shades are made slightly darkened with a warm yellowish tint. Plafonds under antique bronze, not bright, but dull golden, elegant and refined. The chandelier is created like 4 pendants, grouped at different heights. If necessary, the chandelier can be used as separate pendants. This creates a wide space for the possible use of the device. The shape of each pendant is unique and original: wide flat, ball-shaped, tall glass and jar. This adds a unique charm to the entire composition and makes the chandelier desirable in every room.


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