Chandelier with shades and wooden inserts for 6 lamps


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Bring natural beauty and coziness to your home with our stunning 6-light chandelier with shades and wood accents. Its organic design and warm light will create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in any room.


Type: Hanging Chandelier
Number of lamps: 6 pcs.
Lamp material: Metal
Base material: Metal-Wood
Lamp type: Compatible with various types of lamps
Sizes: Standard sizes, ideal for most spaces
Manufacturer: (Indicate manufacturer if known)
Country of Manufacture: (Indicate Country of Manufacture if known)

Our chandelier with shades and wooden inserts for 6 lamps is not only a source of light, but also a magnificent decorative element that will add comfort and style to your interior.

Each lampshade and wood insert is unique, which gives the chandelier a special charm and natural beauty. This element of nature is woven into modern design, creating a harmonious combination between nature and modernity.

The chandelier is made of high quality materials ensuring durability and reliability. Its aesthetic design and pleasant lighting make it an ideal choice for the living room, dining room, bedroom or other spaces that require functional and stylish lighting.

Let our chandelier transform your interior, creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony, and add natural charm to your home.


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